Thursday, 16 October 2014

☆ Little Outfit Post #3

Hey lovelies!

Hope you're all doing well this week? I've been working as usual and trying my best to save up for the plans I have for the remainder of the year, including London MCM & seeing my best friend next month, woop! It's also my birthday next Wednesday though I'm not really doing anything special. I'm still working and the only difference is i'll be eating cake, haha

Anyways I thought I would share with you one of my recent outfits!

Hat: Primark
Cardigan: H&M
Shirt: Taobao
Skirt: H&M
Tights: Birmingham market
Boots: Local shoe store

Ok so lately the only day I've really been dressing up is Sundays, though it's the least eventful day for me. Saturday I just tend to sleep! I need to start planning my outfit the night before rather than just throwing on the first thing I see or even worse what's been chucked on the floor. I have no shame...

I've been using 'Snapchat' a lot lately if any of you guys have it! I'm Owldolly so add me for random outbursts of me telling you that I love you and pulling ridiculous faces, you know you want to

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

☆ J-Fashion Meet

Hey lovelies!

On Saturday I attended a J-Fashion meet hosted by an online friend, It was in Birmingham which is fairly local to me and it felt like the perfect opportunity to make new friends with similar interests. Admittedly I was more dressed up than usual - or hey maybe I am just used to my work look, but when I was sat killing time in a cafe before my train this lady came up to me and said "I really admire your bravery for dressing the way you do" and I said thank you, explaining I was going to a Japanese Fashion meet later. She replied "You look incredible, don't ever change", it seriously made my day and gave me maybe a little too much confidence!

 We met at 12pm outside the Museum & Art Gallery and I was really worried about being late because of my train... turns out everyone else apart from one other girl was running late though 

This was my look for the day, I was going to do more with my makeup but I was running late so just went with something simple.

Charlie had booked a table for us in the Edwardian Tea Rooms and we planned to stay there for a few hours just chatting, drinking tea and eating cake but after talking about all the 'underground' shopping places I have never been to and also the vintage fayre going on that day, we decided we were in the mood for shopping

After a quick stop at H&M so I could take advantage of my friend's staff discount, I found the fluffy cardigan that i'd had my eye on all week. At 25% off I really couldn't say no. It's seriously so comfortable and warm ~

We also posed for photographs which haven't been uploaded yet but i will most likely edit them into this post soon!

We walked around the China town they had there, well I'm not sure if it was China town but there were a few asian stalls and I was introduced to this adorable cake shop! They also had the cutest ornate mirrors decorating the back of the store. I will take more photos next time. Forever cursing myself for being distracted and never taking enough photos!

I was introduced to this market stall selling a huge range of tights and legwear, i fell in love with their Halloween stock which I will no doubt be wearing all year around. If any of you guys live near Birmingham, it's definitely worth checking out the markets! There's also a shoe stall that has some really cheap street style boots and platform shoes. The next time I go, I will be bringing a full wage packet for sure...

After a short walk, we arrived at the Custard Factory which was holding the vintage fayre. It was only £1.50 to get in and it provided us with much entertainment. Most of the clothes were either strange, stained, hideous or all 3. Vintage though, right? As we dug around and found more questionable items, I actually found a really cute jacket:

I have no idea what I will wear it with yet but I couldn't resist buying it? Any suggestions are welcome 

After more searching and comparing items to 'alternative universe' anime characters, (80's aoba, dodgy shirt aoba... idek) we decided to head to the pub for a drink and possibly some food. We discussed our Halloween plans, meeting up again and comic con then it was unfortunately time for me to catch my train. I seriously hate living somewhere where there is next to no buses. The last one is at 8:00 which will forever ruin my plans of staying out late.

Sorry for the bad quality... but this was my full outfit

So despite being asked by numerous people if we were in fancy dress or if there was an event going on, I had an amazing time! It's just a shame that dressing slightly different from the norm can bring a lot of negative attention. Also positive attention, Which I will focus on as I always do. Life is too short to wear boring clothes right?

Have any of you ever been to a specific fashion/interest meet up?

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

☆ Cute Finds £10 or under

Hey lovelies!

I like to call myself somewhat of a master at finding extremely cheap yet cute clothing, for a number of years since leaving college I was unfortunate in that I just couldn't get a job. I would have interviews, be told "you interviewed well but someone else was just a little more experienced than you" (wow, i'd rather not know I'm second best!) etc. Being a lover of fashion it really did suck. During the time I left college and up until fairly recently I have been building up my wardrobe and finding my own style. I still class myself as a budget shopper - my mom even jokes about me not spending more than £20 on an outfit. Sure I can afford to treat myself sometimes but for everyday outfits I am still very much on a budget.

I've decided I am going to share some of  my recent cute and fashionable finds from the wonderful world of the internet!

I don't know where this whole 'kimono' thing started when really it's just a shawl but yes I love this piece! It would look good with almost anything and I really like the whole drapey feel of it

Sweet Rhinestone Heart Wing Pendant - £2.17

 I saved this link earlier and already they've sold out of the pink but there is still a really pretty green available
Women's Short Boots With Black and Buckle Design - £9.23

These boots are definitely a must-have, they're currently in the sale so i recommend snapping them up fast!

A Sammydress find, this striped cardigan is so gorgeous and cute! It reminds me of candy

Casual Style Round Collar Sweatshirt - £6.11

Another Sammydress find - this street style sweater is super versatile, would look great with pastel clothing

Cute Bunny Rucksack - £7.98

I am so in love with this bunny rucksack, if I didn't already own too many bags I would no doubt be adding it to my collection

Marcie Pastel Check Bodycon Mini Skirt - £5

How much of a steal is this skirt? If you have the body for it of course; these types of skirt do nothing for me at all (no waist at all, cries) So if bodycon type skirts suit you please get this and wear it for me haha

Celine Short Shift Dress - £10

I really like this dress but slightly prefered the pale blue version which has sadly sold out. This one is still worth buying though, I love the collar

I hope this post inspired you, it's worth being patient and window shopping when it comes to fashion because so many websites are stocking similar things nowadays and chances are, that dress you love can probably be found elsewhere for half the price. It's happened to me more times than I can count. Budget shopper for life!