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Saturday, 30 August 2014

☆ Return & Photoshoot at Birmingham University!

Hello lovelies!

It's been a while hasn't it? To be honest I wasn't sure if or when I would come back to blogging, until recently. I finally had the urge to write on here and become active as a blogger again. The main thing I am scared of is becoming trapped in an almost 'idealism' of what is expected of me. I don't want to become the blog that only writes what people want to see and leaves out all the realistic things. Don't get me wrong it's nice to write what people like, but this isn't what Little Owl Diary is about. As the name suggests it's my diary and it will also be about myself - not just reviews and guides. I will be writing personal posts and anything that is relevant to my life at the time.

Anyway, the past few months I have become more active as a cosplayer. I'm attending shoots and working on more and more costumes. Cosplaying is like my escape from my daily routine - at photoshoots and conventions I feel so much at home and relaxed. I love portraying my favourite characters

My friend Gosia over at MzPhoto asked me a while back if I would be interested in working with her on some cosplay shots. To me, it felt like I should be the one asking her! We actually did a cosplay-inspired shoot last year  which went really well and I was super excited to be in the studio with her again. It didn't happen for a couple of months since we both needed to book some time off work and make a proper day of it rather than rush it into a time slot but we both agreed on a week ago last Friday. Gosia is really talented and recently took a photography course at Birmingham University. For up to a year after finishing the course they let you use the studio and lend out the cameras so it was a great opportunity to take advantage of that.

After dragging a case full of costumes from the train station to the university, we arrived and were told we could use any room because it was quiet today. Gosia had also booked a camera to use and it seriously took the best photos - I'm not too sure what model it was but wow sahjsdfhkd

All character images were found via google image search

First we shot my Karuta Roromiya maid ver. This is always such a fun cosplay and Karuta is my favourite female character so I love portraying her. In true Karuta style I brought along lollipops and sweets and it reminded me of our previous shoot which was inspired by her.


Since receiving the edits last weekend I have been playing around a lot with different filters and brushes, i came up with these -

Next we shot Celestia Ludenburg. I call this "the nightmare cosplay" because the wig is a nightmare to get on correctly, the fringe never seems to look right, the ring always ends up in bits and the stockings refuse to stay up. It's not the most practical outfit to wear and I had to keep stopping to fix things

I'm actually still working on some edits of this one because I was really unhappy with the way my hair looked + I think they look so much better with a 'dark' type filter so I want to make sure they are perfect before I post them online.

Lastly we shot Aoba Seragaki! I've been on a dmmd hype for well over a year now and have had this cosplay for months but never had the chance to get any decent photos.

This was my third lens change and my this point my eyes were feeling like either stabbed them or set fire to tem and they didn't look much better but luckily the bloodshottedness calmed down by the time I had finished my makeup.

I'm really pleased with these shots because I somehow look... masculine? Okay still p. girly but masculine for me. I have a ton of other Aoba shots that I either need to edit or obtain cause Gosia has only sent me my favourites so far. Damn good quality photos for being such huge file sizes!

I also nabbed this shot from my friend's instagram page. The organised mess that is my suitcase haha. Filled with props and costumes!

Please check out my friend's website & facebook to see more of her work and give her some love! You can also visit my cosplay page to see more if you're into that  

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, 22 June 2014


So unfortunately this has been a long time coming - but I don't feel any passion at all towards blogging anymore. I haven't enjoyed it for some time and I feel like I need to keep updating my blog with exciting things in order to keep people interested. This just isn't for me and I really don't need it at the moment.
Work is a major part of my life now and although I technically do have free evenings and weekends, I would much rather be catching up on my favourite shows, drawing and just generally relaxing after a stressful day. There is just no time for blogging anymore and although It saddens me I feel it's time to move on.

This is not to say that in the future - near or far - I may change my mind. This is just how I'm currently feeling and I wanted to share with my friends on here so we can keep in touch elsewhere.

You can find me on the following:

 Thanks to everyone that has supported me over the past 2 years. Stay in touch!


Thursday, 29 May 2014

☆ New Oasap Items; Review

Hey lovelies!

My lovely sponsors over at Oasap recently allowed me to order some new items ~ which I will be reviewing fairly and honestly. Also just a heads up, Oasap currently have a bunch of offers on including a 90% off memorial sale and 16% off first order coupon so i recommend checking them out as soon as you can if you like anything you see!

1. Cat Drawstring Shorts

2. Ruffled Organza Bud Skirt

3. Bone Print Leggings

I placed my order on the 27th April and received it on 16th May. As stated on their website they are located in the US, HK & China so this is around average time for delivery from these locations.

View on Lookbook

Outfit featuring Oasap's Bone Print Leggings. I really like these because unlike most leggings they aren't completely see-through. I've had more than one embarrassing moment where I've been out and later realised you can see the majority of my underwear through my leggings. These are so thick and really flattering. Definitely my new favourite clothing item and I will be wearing them a lot during summer!

Outfit featuring Oasap's Ruffled Organza Bud Skirt

I really like the floatyness of this skirt and it literally goes with almost anything. It's one of those skirts that you can include in almost any style and it matches perfectly. My only complaint is the bottom layer of the skirt - especially in hot weather it can 'stick' to your legs meaning that if you aren't careful, the top layer will be the only thing covering you. This is only a minor complaint though, this is all-around a great skirt and I will be getting a lot of wear out of it.

Outfit featuring Oasap's Cat Drawstring Shorts.

These are seriously the cutest shorts I've ever seen! Featuring an all-over cat face print, these shorts are the perfect amount of cute for both informal and more formal outfits. The print isn't completely in your face like a lot of prints and the shorts are very true to size. Being a one size item it's rare that the item actually fits everyone, but I could see this easily stretching up to sizes much bigger than myself. No complaints about these. They're adorable and so comfy!

Overall i'm very happy with my recent purchases ~ the items fit perfectly and are overall great value for money. Remember to check out Oasap during the next few days to take advantage of their current sale. I know I will 

Thanks for reading and I hope you're all having a lovely week!