Wednesday, 7 January 2015

☆Born Pretty Store - December/January Gets

Hey lovelies!

Today I'll be writing about some new items I received from the sweeties over at Born Pretty. You can read my previous review here. It was once again difficult to decide on a final order with so many pretty accessories and other products available but i narrowed it down to a unique ring and 3 necklaces.

You can view the item for yourself by clicking on the linked text below the image!

With the Christmas delays affecting a few of my expected parcels, I was sure this was going to be later than the last time I ordered (3 weeks) but it arrived the day after boxing day making it 2 weeks since the day it was sent. Very fast delivery compared to experiences with other stores!

I was really impressed by how pretty the necklaces were and felt inspired to wear them right away. Everything was just as pictured and I was not disappointed at all. 

Although white probably wasn't the best choice to wear with such a delicate silver colour, I couldn't help but think it looked perfect with my starry jumper (and starry hair pin, i've gone star crazy i know)

 - the half moon pendant has to be my favourite, it looks so stunning and stands out incredibly well on both light and dark colours

Wearing the ring too in this shot! I've wanted a finger nail ring for a while now and I really like this one

Although I really like this ring I think i may be allergic to the material used because my finger went a greeny colour after wearing it for a couple of hours. This is no reflection on the product though, it's a lovely ring I just have a strange body that rejects jewellery sometimes

and last but not least the electro cardiogram necklace ~ I couldn't decide whether i liked this more in black or silver, now I'm wishing I'd gotten both! I may have to treat myself actually...

Thank you for reading

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Saturday, 3 January 2015

☆ 2015 Resolutions

Hello lovelies!

Thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and post my New Year's Resolutions, better late than never right? Plus I was feeling inspired after reading everyone else's. I don't know if it's a good thing to even call them resolutions, it feels like they're doomed to fail haha. But these are things I want to achieve in 2015 and can hopefully look back on at the end of the year realising I've managed to do most, if not all of them.

 Develop my style more

 Participate in a fashion show

 Make time to do things that make me happy

 Look into moving out or hopefully move out

 Update my blog at least once a week

 Be apart of as many cosplay photoshoots as possible

 Eat less junk food (i could never stop, but i do need to cut down hmph hmph)

 Complete at least 6 cosplays

Whilst I'm at it I thought i'd also throw in some of my top moments from 2014!

 My boyfriend proposing to me

 The DMMD meet at London MCM

 Spending my best friend's birthday with her

 Being asked at a convention whilst cosplaying maid Karuta, if my best friend was my mistress (hahahah)

    I don't even know... it just made me laugh so much! 

 Eating ramen with my mom on my 24th

it's amazing how something simple can turn an otherwise crappy day into a good one

Do you have any New Years Resolutions or goals for this year?

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

☆ Little Outfit Post #4

Hello lovelies!

Hope you've all had an enjoyable Christmas? I didn't really do much other than play games and eat a ton of chocolate. Not that people really do much anyway though. I got Pokemon Sapphire version and I'm already about 50 hours into playtime /no shame/ I've also been playing Love Live School Idol on my iPhone. It's such an addictive game...

Lovable Panda Pattern HoodieCute Rabbit Plaid Long SweatshirtLovely Graphic Cat Ear Knit Beanie

Anyhoo today I'll be featuring a couple of outfits wearing my latest Oasap items! (you can click on the item to view it) I ordered a few weeks ago and it was really hard to decide this time. Especially with all the different sales they have going on lately 

view on lookbook

Hat; Oasap
Necklace: H&M
Long Sweatshirt: Oasap
Garter: Badass Boutique
Boots: eBay

I wore this a few days before Christmas just to go shopping and buy food, I've been wearing my real hair a lot lately and it's gone this ashy blonde colour that I really love. I hope it lasts! (be good to me, hair )

view on lookbook

Hoodie: Oasap
Tights: Taobao
Boots: Taobao

This was my outfit on Christmas Eve, just a comfy look featuring the panda hoodie. It's super warm and comfortable!

What have you guys been doing over Christmas? Get any new items of clothing?