Tuesday, 23 June 2015

☆ Little White Doll

Hi lovelies!

I decided to try out an all-white look today wearing some new clothes i received from Oasap.com, I kinda like it? I'm so used to wearing pastels and although I do own a lot of white clothes, I've never worn more than one item at once

I thought this flower hairband i bought recently from Primark complimented the look perfectly

I usually wear a lot of accessories but felt the detailing of the crop top and the elegance of the skirt were nice enough on their own

Sometimes it's nice to get out of your comfort zone and experiment with a new style

[view on lookbook]

"Fancy Palms Print" Crop TopOasap
"Innocent White Floral Organza Swing" SkirtOasap
Flower Headband: Primark
Socks: Primark
Shoes: Primark

I love the skirt especially, I've been looking for a flowy, lace skirt for a while now and this one is just lovely. Perfect for summer days and goes with anything ~ click the above links to check them out!

I've also been living in jelly shoes the past month or so, they're so comfy

Hope you all have a lovely week!

Saturday, 20 June 2015

☆ 10 Favourite Instagram Accounts

Hi lovelies!

I thought I would do something a bit different and write about some of my favourite & inspirational people - I've been lurking around Instagram a lot lately and draw a lot of inspiration from it, especially in the fashion, art and cosplay sense. When I'm lacking inspiration these are my go-to accounts!

Kuua lives in Japan and as well as being a huge fashion inspiration to me, she also draws beautiful pictures. Her style is so pastel and awesome, with just a hint of alternative mixed in. I hope my wardrobe will be as adorable as hers in the not so distant future!

I've been following Tanja for a few years now and I am forever mesmerised by her looks and looking forward to what her otherworldly makeup skills are going to create next. She's so talented in any form of makeup from the bare essentials to theatrical sfx. I would love to have a makeover from her someday


Haruka is a well-known model for the popular Japanese fashion magazine, Kera. I am amazed by her ability to mix and match colours and prints yet still pull it off - she could make anything look stylish! I'm really inspired by her outfits and recently watched some of her makeup tutorials on Youtube which are really helpful for creating cute, doll-like looks.

I am utterly amazed, if not perhaps a little gobsmacked at this lady's skills. How she can completely transform a person's face and enhance their best features so much is beyond me and I would give anything for her to do my makeup, just once. The real amazement lies in her videos - actually watching the transformations is even more magical.

Tokyo Fashion, on most forms of social media, is the go-to place for the latest street snaps and style inspiration straight from the streets of Harajuku, Shibuya and other areas. Yes I might follow them on facebook, tumblr and twitter too but I can't help but love these guys. I have TF to thank for coming out of my shell in a sense? fashion-wise anyway. I'm never afraid to experiment and a big part of that is the daily inspiration I collect from their street snaps.


Eva is a model from Hong Kong who I really fell in love with at the Hyper Japan event last year in London and I adore seeing her colourful street style outfits. She also has the most perfect hair and I can vouch for the fact she is just as adorable in person


Alexa is a model, youtuber and fellow Japanese fashion enthusiast. Although i'm not the biggest fan of youtubers (i get lazy with videos haha) I cant help but love her and she also has tattoos like myself which I've always found kinda rare in the J-Fashion community. She is also a great cosplayer!

Mashi has been an inspiration of mine from my early, starting out in J-Fashion days where I had little clothing and idea of my own style. I really admire her outfits and makeup and she's such a friendly person too which is always a bonus. She also runs a store selling creepy accessories.

Koralene has only been cosplaying for 3 years now yet is able to portray an array of characters beautifully. I look up to her a lot because I've been cosplaying for the same amount of time and we also share some of the same cosplays which spurs me on to improve mine. She is also a master at Photoshop and adds atmosphere and essential details to her photos which is an art form in itself!

Stahli is a cosplayer and student currently studying in Japan. They're currently on hiatus until they fix their PC and this makes me really sad - I love seeing them on my feed and even their costests are breathtaking. I look forward to their return ~

Do you have any favourite Instagram accounts?