Monday, 24 November 2014

☆ Hyper Japan Christmas Market 2014

Hey lovelies!

After what has been a very long week of suffering from the flu and now an eye infection, I have finally gotten around to writing about last weekend! In my defence though, I've not really been able to do much nor had the brain capacity to write anything. I ventured into town Saturday which was probably the worst thing I could have done and I now feel 29382 times worse /drowns in cough medicine/

Last Friday I travelled down to London with Sarah for her birthday weekend and the Hyper Japan Christmas Market. We stayed at a hostel in Earl's Court which was close to the venue and also super cheap (£12 per night?? sold!) After settling in it was already dinner time so we headed to Soho. Sarah was going to take me to Eat Tokyo but after realising it was closed, heading to the new location then discovering it wasn't open until Monday, we settled on a nearby Japanese restaurant called Taro.

We ordered more than enough food since we were completely famished and hasn't eaten all day, some of the rolls were still warm from just being cooked which was an entirely new experience! Obviously not the sushi but the other rolls, it was so so good

Saturday morning we woke up waaaay before our alarms, being too excited for what the day would bring! I wasn't cosplaying this day because I wanted an excuse to wear my pink maid costume. I had never worn it before and it was a little tight around my boobs, pretty sure it cut off my circulation  haha. More than worth it though, I felt really cute ~

We arrived at the venue around 11 i think? There were some delays because me being me, i managed to spill a drink onto all of my tickets. I had 3 in total and they were pretty much ruined. I feel bad for Emily who I met for the first time irl seeing me all flustered and running around trying to find somewhere to print them. Luckily, we found somewhere in the end so it wasn't too bad.

How cute is Emily? She insists she looks rough in the photos we took... pffft she is adorable. We had to part ways and go to our separate entrances (she was in the fashion show) but it was lovely to hang out with her briefly!

We arrived and seriously didn't know where to start... on closer inspection there wasn't anywhere near as many stalls as the July convention, which in my opinion was better as more cosplayers and more choice but nevertheless there was plenty to see

We met up with Victoria who we haven't seen since May this year, i'm glad we got to hang out after so long

Tofu cute were holding a Candy Festival, where you buy tokens and exchange them for random sweeties

It was a nice change to try some new things, normally I wouldn't have tried all the different pockys and sweets. I tend to just stick with what I know so this was a really good idea and really broadened my horizons!

Cute cake stall 

There were also figure and jewellery stalls upstairs, unfortunately a lot of the figure stalls were counterfeit... even though they had some really cute things. I don't mind knock-offs sometimes but y'know it's nice to own the real thing and i try my best to stick to that

My favourite part of the day was no doubt the J-fashion show! A few of my friends were taking part and being at the front, I was able to cheer them on and get lots of nice photos 

Everyone looked so stylish and it's inspired me to enter myself next year!

There were lots of different styles and co-ords, i particularly liked the Listen Flavor/spotted platforms outfit!

Next there was a performance from the adorable J-Pop singer, Anna Yano

I really enjoyed the songs she performed and would definitely buy her music, she has a beautiful voice 

Victoria, Lizzy, Sarah & I

Stole this one from Lizzie!

We didn't stay long into the second session and soon headed into Central London for dinner

We ate a Shoryu Ramen, as the name suggests a Ramen restaurant. They also had the most amazing matcha latte! I really recommend this place for anyone that likes Ramen because not only is the food top notch but the service is great and everyone was so friendly and made sure we had enough to drink etc

On Sunday I was Sei from Dmmd

Sunday was as busy as ever despite arriving a lot later (around midday) it didn't help that the staff organising the queuing outside had no idea what they were doing and kept moving us around. At one point someone was even told to get in the wrong queue

We did manage to see Siro-A though and get a seat which was amazing considering the amount of people crowding around to see them

They perform using visuals and catchy dance music, it's honestly so incredible to watch them get their performances just in time with the projected images. I don't think I will ever work out how they do it.

Our day was cut short mainly because of cosplay issues (my zip breaking off) but with it being Sarah's birthday and us going out later on, I needed to get changed anyway. Plus waifu needed her nap

and of course the inevitable haul photo! Dreamybows handbag, PeppermintPuff necklace, Gazette live dvd, Sug cds, cute stickers, Rilakkuma stationary, Uta no Prince Sama talking figures, Dreamybows bracelet, Black Butler Book of Circus keyrings & various other snacks & drinks (most of which have been eaten by now)

We went out into London Sunday evening for food with a few friends!

We decided on Misato as it's cheap and the portions are huge! (you can get a plate of fish and rice for like £6 not even kidding it's heaven)

with Sarah & Richard!

It was lovely to hang out with everyone and I've never laughed so much in my life, all we did was eat and drink coffee which is proof you really don't need alcohol to have fun
 Not that i really drink anyway but it proved that statement!

I hope I get to see everyone again soon, I enjoyed last weekend so much and I'm honestly starting to think of London as my second home. My local friends are starting to joke that I go out there more than my own town

Hope you are having a good week and enjoyed my post! I tried to keep it reasonably brief even though there was lots to write about and show you all