Tuesday, 24 February 2015

☆ J-Fashion Meet #2 - Char Wallah + Birmingham Museum

Hello lovelies!

I'm very frustrated that i'm not getting to update as much as I'd like to, RL stuff just needs to disappear for a while seriously ahgdjsfhkd. I work near enough 40 hours a week and spend a good part of my mornings and evenings traveling to work. Most weekends I tend to just pass out if I don't have plans and I have little time for much else. I wish i had the energy to put more time into my hobbies.

Not that you guys want to hear my whining about working too much haha ~ 

Anyway I met up with my group of friends on Saturday that i refer to as my 'J-Fashion friends' since we were united by a facebook group through mutuals, who started arranging meets for people based around Birmingham that are interested in Japanese fashion & culture. I always have a great time with them and there's always new people attending so it's a great opportunity to make friends!

We met at the train station and walked to The Pavillions where there was this little tea place called Char Wallah. They have every kind of tea you could ever dream of and a lot of them have cute and quirky names such as "Angel's Kiss" & "Sencha Sakura Cherry". After much consideration (seriously, it was impossible) I went with the Magic Moon tea which is a blend of black and green tea infused with papaya and rose hip. When they bring your tea to you they also give you a little timer so you can time the brewing and get the best flavour out of the tea

It was a lovely atmosphere as well as being with great people!

It was very cold and rainy but we still managed to get a photo outside ~ minus one person who had to go home and sleep. Everyone looks so cute

We then headed to the Museum to browse and find cake

There was lots of interesting exhibits but i unfortunately didn't take any photos of them... d'oh
We also spent a long time giggling at the random objects/kid's toys that had found themselves onto displays such as the thomas the tank engine inside random artifacts and a bottle of olive oil amongst some sculptures. I'm not even sure why they were there.

from top left: with Damien, Lilly, Jade & everyone!

We then decided to take outfit shots near the exit of the Museum, much to the confusion of passersby! This was my outfit ~

Hair Bow: Forever 21
Jumper: H&M
Skirt: eBay
Socks: Taobao
Shoes: Hidden Fashion

I must also take this opportunity to show you guys my adorable Kitten Print Backpack from my sponsors over a Oasap.com! You can get it here. I noticed they also have an 80% sale off going on atm so it's worth checking them out if you haven't already!

It's now home to most of my badges 

Hope you guys are having a great week so far

Sunday, 1 February 2015

☆ HoneyColor Review

Hey lovelies!

I haven't updated in a stupid amount of time... i've been so busy as always but i've really missed blogging! Anyway I have a small review for you guys today, I don't tend to do many lens reviews as they can get repetitive but since i ordered a few different pairs lately and got asked about them, why not?

I've been ordering from HoneyColor, they are mostly cheaper than the other lens sites and the shipping times are pretty good. I took advantage of some lenses in their sale recently and based my colour choices on my upcoming cosplays, so I can use them for both cosplay and fashion.

My order arrived within 2 weeks, much faster than expected. I'm not sure which country HoneyColor is based but I was instantly sold!

Inside, the lenses were all securely packaged in a box for each pair and I was also given free animal cases. Such a bummer that I have so many of these yellow hippo designs, it gets so confusing

My Order

Neo Sunflower Green

EOS Fairy Blue

Angelic Eye Bambi Violet


Neo Sunflower Green

Stock image vs reality

Color/Design: 5/5 - Gorgeous colour. The design is fairly standard for circle lenses and blends into your eye colour perfectly, my eyes are naturally brown so i can't comment on whether this is the same for lighter eyes but you can't see any of my natural colour when wearing these.

Enlargement: 3/5 - I'm surprised that despite being just over 14mm in diameter, they cover my eye colour so well and just naturally enlarge the eye a little. Not as much as other lenses but just subtle enough to make an impact.

Comfort: 4/5 - as an avid contact lens wearer my eyes are very used to contacts and I can wear them for a very long time. At first they can sting a little but this fades very quickly once they adjust to your eyes. Slightly less comfortable than most, but still okay.

Overall: 4/5 - I was thoroughly impressed with these, not only are they a gorgeous shade of green but they look just as the stock photo suggest. Very vibrant but also natural. I will be using them for my upcoming Sakura Kinomoto cosplay and they are the perfect shade for her!

EOS Fairy Blue

Stock image vs reality

Color/Design: 5/5 - Perfect shade of blue - I've actually wanted a pair of blue lenses for a while now but always put it off for some reason. These are literally the perfect blue lenses, the design is really delicate and although they have the usual lens shape around the edge, the inside is covered with little dots.

Enlargement: 3.5/5 - These are 14.5mm diameter so there is some enlargement. They aren't too extreme and are fairly natural but offer just enough 'wow' factor for those wanting to try a new eye colour

Comfort: 5/5 - Very comfortable. No problems at all after a very long day's wear. I probably wear lenses too much but they are just so comfortable.

Overall: 4/5 - EOS are my go-to lenses when i'm not sure what to buy and when they are in a sale, I instantly snap them up, I would prefer the blue to completely fill over my eye colour but they are such a great pair of lenses that I can't really complain. Comfortable and pretty!

Angelic Eye Bambi Violet

Stock image vs reality

Color/Design: 2/5 - The colour upon first sight is actually incredibly pretty and angel-like. The lilac is delicate but looks to be more vibrant and stand out better irl. Unfortunately that's not the case - these blend into my natural colour so much that you can barely make out the so-called violet/pinkish colour.

Enlargement: 3.5/5 - These are 14.5mm and do give noticable enlargement. Maybe not as much as hoped (my eyes look bigger in the pic because i am looking up)
Comfort: 5/5 - I wear these for work a lot since they look so natural, no complaints about wearing them for hours on end.

Overall: 3/5 - I can't bring myself to be happy with these because they are nothing like expected. Not HoneyColor's fault - though maybe they should provide some model photos for reference because I expected so much more from these. It's a shame you can't see the lilac and they look almost black.

You can check our HoneyColor for yourself my clicking the button below! I hope my reviews were helpful

Bonus: today's look. Rocking the eyepatch look - it wasn't until someone pointed it out that I realised how Ghoul-like i look... Hope you guys have the best week

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

☆Born Pretty Store - December/January Gets

Hey lovelies!

Today I'll be writing about some new items I received from the sweeties over at Born Pretty. You can read my previous review here. It was once again difficult to decide on a final order with so many pretty accessories and other products available but i narrowed it down to a unique ring and 3 necklaces.

You can view the item for yourself by clicking on the linked text below the image!

With the Christmas delays affecting a few of my expected parcels, I was sure this was going to be later than the last time I ordered (3 weeks) but it arrived the day after boxing day making it 2 weeks since the day it was sent. Very fast delivery compared to experiences with other stores!

I was really impressed by how pretty the necklaces were and felt inspired to wear them right away. Everything was just as pictured and I was not disappointed at all. 

Although white probably wasn't the best choice to wear with such a delicate silver colour, I couldn't help but think it looked perfect with my starry jumper (and starry hair pin, i've gone star crazy i know)

 - the half moon pendant has to be my favourite, it looks so stunning and stands out incredibly well on both light and dark colours

Wearing the ring too in this shot! I've wanted a finger nail ring for a while now and I really like this one

Although I really like this ring I think i may be allergic to the material used because my finger went a greeny colour after wearing it for a couple of hours. This is no reflection on the product though, it's a lovely ring I just have a strange body that rejects jewellery sometimes

and last but not least the electro cardiogram necklace ~ I couldn't decide whether i liked this more in black or silver, now I'm wishing I'd gotten both! I may have to treat myself actually...

Thank you for reading

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