Monday, 10 November 2014

☆ Oasap Thanksgiving Sale!

Hey lovelies!

My sponsors over at Oasap emailed me 20% - 25% off codes as part of their thanksgiving sale and I thought I would give you all a heads up! I get a lot of my clothing from there so I can recommend them fully ~

Some of my current favourites:

Literally cursing myself that I have to be so careful with money at the moment... don't forget the sale ends 2 days from now! Happy shopping

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Friday, 7 November 2014

☆ London MCM October 2014

I have lost count of the amount of times I've attempted to write this post now, the text is going everywhere and the photos keep moving position by themselves. I really just want to post this now so if anything looks weird then you know why! I really dislike Blogger's post system...

I am really behind on posts at the moment, so i apologise for the lack of updates. I really want to keep this as my little diary, and i want to keep it updated. I fail so badly at staying on track with things haha.


I attended London MCM on the 25th - 26th October. I was staying at family's that don't live too far so I saved a ton on what would have been a hotel and endless train journeys. It was just 2 short trains to get to Excel and took just over an hour which is a huge contrast to the 4+ hours it would take me from my home town.

Day 1: Sei

On Saturday I cosplayed Sei from the visual novel & anime, Dramatical Murder. He is one of the lesser known characters so big shoutout to those that recognise him! I love him so much

After the usual strange looks from passersby that have no idea what a convention is or what it entails, I arrived at Excel. Surprisingly it didn't take a very long time to get into the venue and although it was very busy, the queues moved down quickly and we were all guided around and through the building and told which line to get in. I guess it helped that I had a priority weekend ticket but there wasn't much waiting at all!

Almost as if it was destiny I happened to enter through the hall with the cutesy type stuff in first, goodbye money it's been nice knowing you... seriously there was so much I wanted to buy. Look at them cute burgers! (since when have burgers been so kawaii)

There were lots of Black Butler cosplayers this year which made me really happy! These were some of my favourites

I met up with Fran who I was lending part of my Aoba costume to and took her hostage for the day as my blue-haired twin brother 

I got to see my cute friend Charli who works at the Sushi Noms Stall!

I met Jade who I have known from tumblr for years now, it was kinda surreal to hang out with her irl and she was so cute

My favourite part of the day was of course the Dmmd meet! (above photos not taken by me, i'm just in them)

Me with Kana & Emily

At 3pm we all met outside the venue and chatted, eventually walking over to the side of one of the buildings for a little photoshoot. Everyone was really friendly and it was such a nice atmosphere to be a part of

I made friends with an adorable Clear cosplayer

Everyone's favourite homo brothers

These Alpha cosplayers were so good!

Fran & Emily

I took plenty of photos of my camera, so much that an entire battery ran out. If you're into Dmmd then enjoy, if not then i'm sorry.

 There was also about 20 Aobas that I'm sure I took a photo of but I can't find it. Sigh.

After the shoot we went indoors and sat near some stairs that made for a great shoot location! I will post my favourites here, the rest will be on my cosplay page.

Photo credit: CosmicGentleman

Day 2: Celestia Ludenburg


I actually promised myself the last time I wore this that I wouldn't put myself through the torture again... nothing ever stays in place and the leg ties are really irritating. Stupidly I ignored my own warning and wore this on the Sunday.

By midday the cotton connecting and pretty much holding the curls together broke leaving me with one side longer than the other. I hate being inaccurate and most of the day I was left feeling paranoid, especially because nothing would stay in place. I love you Celestia, but never again


I did meet Lucy & Millie though which made the day worthwhile! If it wasn't for them then i probably wouldn't have gone... pssst check out mine & Lucy's unintentionally similar colour scheme

No post would be complete without a haul photo!

From left to right: Godoka Nendoroid, yaoi mangas, Charizard pillow, posters, mini figures, random fan i got given, Listen Flavor T-Shirt, Deary Skirt, Roxy Sweetheart cropped Tee, moon & stars hair accessory and some sweeties ~

Thanks for reading!