Wednesday, 22 July 2015

☆ Hyper Japan Summer 2015

Hey lovelies!

This post is happening a lot later than what I had hoped for but i've recently moved house so there's a lot occupying my mind and daily routine at the moment, but on with my post about Hyper Japan Festival Summer 2015 ~

I stayed with Sarah and Roxy in a nearby Travelodge in Stratford, it was really close to the 02 where HJ was being held this year - around 20 minutes by the tube and a small walk

On the Friday we went to dinner in Soho, we originally wanted to go to Eat Tokyo since Sarah has been meaning to take me for months now but unfortunately luck wasn't on our side and the queue was a mile long, so we went to Taro again!

Squad goals 

As always we ordered far too much food and overestimated how much we could consume but the food was delicious and some of the rolls were warm and freshly made, so so good

After dinner we headed back as I had to be up early in the morning for the fashion show rehearsal, which i'm glad they were accompanying me for!


Roxy, Sarah and I

After a begrudgingly early start we arrived at the 02 around 8.20am, with me saying a quick goodbye to my friends whilst i prepared for the fashion show rehearsal. I was in two minds about whether to attend or not but since it was my first time and i didn't really know what I was doing (not to mention the overload of info/diagrams i was sent becoming increasingly scary in my head) I decided it was for the best. I then found out that fashion show performers didn't require a ticket and could get in with just their performers pass - i wish I had known this before as could have saved me money! But nevertheless the rehearsal went ok and I queued again for my friends


Whilst we stopped off at a nearby Tesco for Roxy to get cash out for the inevitable spending and for me to get plasters for my already sore feet, we met a friend of ours who's photographer/friend took this lovely photo of me!

Michael and I

Michael is a friend of mine I always run into at conventions, I can not find anyone else sometimes but always run into him, it's almost scary! The sun was really strong in this photo  It wasn't long before the fashion show now and since I was modeling Kokokim, I went to the changing rooms where I was given my outfit

As much as an honour it was to wear this outfit I do wish the jacket hadn't have been so heavy, it was really hot this day and I was worried it would like stick to me or something haha

Photo by Melissa

Photo by Cos Kittz

I managed to nab these photos from some friends and Roxy recorded the entire show, but I feel I looked far too awkward in it and don't want to show it   I don't know, maybe it's in my head because the photos turned out quite well

On stage with Die Milch - choosing their favourite J-Fashion enthusiast and a member of the audience to receive a prize

I was excited to see there were so many stalls and different things to do, the last time i attended was the Christmas Market and there honestly wasn't a lot there. The summer version is much better

Glitterbomb stall - I bought a necklace and earrings here

Dreamy Bows - displaying some of their new items

Die Milch performing on the festival stage

Pastel Doll - wig store

Roxie Sweetheart

Vintage accessories

We bumped into Chewiee who i've seen a few times but never had the chance to say hi properly

With the gorgeous Emily

Sarah & I with Richard

With Michelle (Roxie Sweetheart) ! Oh gosh i look so awkward

With the lovely Kittie (Electric Sheep Clothing)

eating mango shaved ice, so tasty!

Roxy & I

In the evening we went to see Sarah's favourite band - Lost Ash

The opening act, who i think were called Tomoko?? were really talented and the singer had the most beautiful voice

Sai from Lost Ash

Daiki and Sai

Even though I hadn't heard many of their songs before I really enjoyed their performance! Kept the crowd interested and were really energetic. I am inspired to buy their music now

Saturday drew to a close and we made out way back to the hotel after grabbing a burger on the way. I developed a nasty rash and ankle swelling which i'm guessing was due to wearing thigh highs in what was very humid and warm weather as well as my platforms. It was very painful and I was hoping it died down for the following day especially with being in the fashion show again.


I spent a good half hour in the morning liberally applying Illamasqua foundation to my legs, because I had developed a nasty rash. Not the best thing to do but it did the trick i guess

Day two! Let the selfies commence ~
With the gorgeous Melissa

With my demon prince, Misa

With the talented Kelsey

With the adorable Millie

With the beautiful Lizzie from MysticThorn who i'm glad I got to see lots !

Cuties at Dreamy Bows store

With the lovely Fabsie

 With the J-Rock band, One Note

I spotted them after leaving the changing rooms and nabbed a photo with them quickly!

and here are some photos of the Sunday fashion show!

Photo by Ga Chun Yau

eey so smiley

Full outfit!

Rachel got chosen from the audience for a prize

Such a good turnout - the models with a section of the crowd. I'm on the left near centre if you can spot me?

I felt I was more confident this day especially since i was wearing my own clothing

I didn't take many photos of cosplayers but here are some I did get!

Grell said he liked my hair

We went to TGI's for dinner then went back to the hotel, sorting our belongings out for the journey home tomorrow. It was impossible to fit everything i brought into one picture but i'm so pleased with everything! Also slightly ashamed to admit how much i spent on Yowamushi Pedal figures (it's my favourite series at the moment)

Hope you enjoyed this overdue post - have you ever been to a Japanese culture event?